Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Trends!

You all probably know about the spring trends for beauty (coral lips, bright cheeks, neon eyeliner, etc) but you probably dont know trends for fashion. If you are like me and your favorite store is forever 21 than continue listening!

Forever 21 just got newthings in stock and let me tell you.. EVERYTHING IS AMAZING! A big trend right now is wearing loose fit racerback tank tops. If you are a size small get a size large! Here is a picture of a racerback tank top:

Keep in mind you want this loose fitting, so get a size to 2 sizes bigger so you have a lot of room. The reason is so it can be more low cute to wear a bandeau with it. I'm assuming most of you know what a bandeau is, but if you don't... A bandeau is a new form of a cami but in a bra form. When the shirt above comes below the armpit the bandeau will look like a cami but it is really a crop top/ bra. They are the new fashion staple for spring and are not meant to be boring colors. Get a lime green or bright red one!

Every spring, floral print is always going to be "in" which I think is pretty boring, but this year they have mixed it up and made it floral print with a twist! And I'm not talking about your normal floral printed shirts, I'm talking ROMPERS! Rompers are totally "in" again like last year's Summer. Here is a picture of a floral printed romper:

Another big trend this year is abstract print tribal prints, and amazon jungle themed prints. Here are a few picks from rompers to dresses!

I got all these images off of Forever21.com! I really recommend buying from them. They have thousands of clothing items to pick from and you wont be let down! Its also really cheap. That bandeau was $3.50. You can't get cheaper than that!

I hope you liked this post and will be doing at least 2 posts a day!

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  1. Yay! spring :D <3 I have to say spring fashion is the best!